NSML recognizes the critical contribution of information technology that makes an efficient operation for your practice. We offer a variety of connectivity options that can help your practice run more smoothly and keep pace with today's rapidly-changing medical and technological environment. With increasing automation and use of computer technologies, the work of technologists and technicians has become less traditional and more analytical. We do simplify the usage of technology by providing following services:

VPN is a secured private network that delivers information across the internet to any device with a web browser, without requiring client software downloads or installation, access to doctor’s printer, internal servers or any ongoing client maintenance. It’s a benefit in the healthcare environment where IT staff time is always a premium.

In addition to the connectivity challenge, doctors and pathologists can see all test reports directly on their printer even without connecting to any software!

HL7 Interface
NSML support Health Level Seven (HL7) standard for the exchange, management and integration of electronic healthcare information from billing records to patient tracking, that allows information to be shared and processed in a uniform and consistent manner.

Doctor Office Manager (DOM)
North Shore Medical Labs – NSML provides a framework of activities, if combined together, forms a pool known as “Doctor Office Manager”. DOM is a terminology proposed by NSML and the activities performed are:

  • Patients Demographic Data
  • Maintaining Patients History File
  • Tracking Every Visit
  • Clinical Input (Laboratory Control)
  • Tracking Doctors Appointments
  • Generating Customizable Reports
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